Nielsen Professional Series Transfer Screw Sets

Nielsen’s ProMark® 64, and iMark Pro® 24 Professional Series high precision transfer screw sets provide superior range and flexibility for intense job applications—lending itself as the most versatile set we designed. The Nielsen Professional Series sets come standard in indexed carrying cases, fitted with precision cut foam that organizes each screw securely in place. For our end-to-end solution, our SuperSet options feature corresponding drills and taps for all screw sizes, allowing for the ultimate productivity solution—right out of the box. Coarse thread, fine thread, or a combination of both are available, in an indexed carrying case, making it the preferred choice by professionals with diverse applications.

  • Punch, drill and tap sets in 3 size options
  • Designed for professionals requiring maximum versatility
  • Carrying case comes with custom fit die cut foam
  • Convenient portability and tool organization
  • Index card allows for easy identification and location of tools

ProMark® 64 Series Professional Set

Nielsen's ProMark® 64 Series Professional Sets package 8 screws each of our 8 popular sizes and organized in a custom fit case. These special sets are offered in an all coarse or all fine set, or in a blended mix of half coarse and half fine transfer screw set. The ProMark® 64 is designed for the serious workers that have a high degree of complex and diverse applications. Accompanying the Nielsen ProMark® 64 is our drill and tap index—giving this a complete, end-to-end marking and drilling SuperSet. This set is ideal for millwrights, professional tradesmen, large maintenance facilities, MRO and more.

iMark Pro® 24 Series Professional Set

The iMark Pro® 24 Professional Sets are designed to be a more compact and tailored set that includes our lower range and upper range sizes organized in custom sets. These sets include 6 screws each in 4 different screw sizes—making this a 24-pc. set. Nielsen's iMark Pro® 24 Series Sets are offered in two models—the iMark Pro 24 small screw size set and the iMark Pro 24X large screw size set. These sets come with a complete index of drills and taps to complement each transfer screw size. Nielsen iMark Pro® 24 Pro Series SuperSets give fabricators, machinists and professional craftsmen a complete set designed for their specific needs.

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