Nielsen Combo Transfer Screw Sets

Nielsen's Combo Transfer Screw Sets include multiple sizes of transfer screws that are specifically bundled to provide complimentary sizes that are typically used together. Our Nielsen FlexMark Numbered Sets are 12-piece combo packs offered in 5 convenient configurations. These kits bolster 4 transfer screw sizes each in 3 sizes. They are offered in both coarse and fine thread options, organized with distinct size markings, and secured in a customized quick access container.

  • 12-piece set combining 3 transfer screw sizes (4 in each size)
  • Organized and secured in an indexed, resealable case
  • Versatile set provides maximum flexibility in job applications
  • All screw sizes have same shoulder height for rapid setup
  • Included sizes are most commonly used together
  • Most economical solution for diverse applications

Nielsen FlexMark® No. 0 Set

The Nielsen FlexMark® No. 0 set is our smallest combination of sizes. This FlexMark set delivers precision results with impressive tolerances for your finer working applications. The FlexMark® No. 0 set comes with our #10-24, #10-32 and 1/4 in. transfer screws. Our high-quality, dependable and durable Nielsen Transfer Screws outlast any other marking products in the market. Assembled in a convenient bundle, these popular sizes offer extreme job application flexibility.

Nielsen FlexMark® No. 1 Set

Our Nielsen FlexMark® No. 1 set combines our lower-range sizes of transfer screw sizes. This set includes our popular Transfer Screw sizes in 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8 in. and each set can be configured in either coarse or fine threads options. Branded and marked in easy to read indexing, these kits will keep you organized and working efficiently.

Nielsen FlexMark® No. 2 Set

Nielsen's FlexMark® No. 2 set combines our mid-range sizes of transfer screw sizes. Our mi-range set combines our Nielsen 5/16, 3/8 and 1/2 in. Transfer Screws.

Nielsen FlexMark® No. 3 Set

The Nielsen FlexMark® No. 3 set enters our larger range of transfer screw sizes. This crafted set is designed for larger applications with larger hole marking requirements. The Nielsen FlexMark® No. 3 set includes out 7/16", 1/2" and 5/8" transfer screw sizes. This kit comes with the option to choose either coarse or fine thread variations.

Nielsen FlexMark® No. 4 Set

Our Nielsen FlexMark® No. 4 is the largest combination of transfer screw sizes. This set come outfitted with our largest transfer screw sizes—1/2", 5/8" and 3/4". These come in either coarse or fine thread options. For whatever your job application is, this heavy duty combination will give you the precision marking your large project demands.

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